Ho-Ag plays a weird mess of sci-fi B-movie spazz-rock drama songs. Instrumentation includes guitars, bass, Moog synths, theremin and drums. New songs are about to be released in April of 2008 - first recordings ever by the new lineup of Matt Parish, Tyler Derryberry, Eric Meyer, guitarist Kristina Johnson (Roh Delikat and Certainly, Sir) and bassist Ryan Brown (The State of Alaska).

Here's a quick timeline of the last few years:

2002 - First ever Ho-Ag show at the Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain/Boston, with USAISAMONSTER, Young Sexy Assassins, and Tunnel of Love. Release of self-made CDRs The Meteor Is a Decoy and People Coming Back In Time for Me Original line-up: Matt Parish, Dave Dines, Patrick Kim, Jon Ruhe.

2003 - First full-length CD - HO AG EQUALS GO AT released on Mister Records. The band tours the East Coast and Midwest. Jon Ruhe leaves band in the fall.

2004 - Drummer Eric Meyer and synths/vocalists Tyler Derryberry join in the winter. Matt totals his car on the way to Columbus to pick up Tyler for the move to Boston. Eric's first project, before any shows or practices with the band, is to record drums for the Man the Dam 7" on Mister Records. Ho-Ag Panic Band (instrumentation: Tyler on drums, synths and vocals, Patrick on guitar, Matt on guitar, octave bass signal and vocals) instated at a show at The Shed in Western Massachusetts with new songs written in a week and later recorded for the EP Pray for the Worms which was self-released on their new anything-goes label Hive 35.

2005 - Pray For The Worms released in February. Nkls Ward replaces Dave Dines, who had enrolled in art school. 6-week US tour throughout the spring, 2 week tour in the fall dubbed the "Handsome Halloween" tour (after the band's van "Handsome") with the infamous smelly masks and a stop in Northampton with Jello Biafra and the Melvins. Recording begins in November at Machines with Magnets for a new full-length.

2006 - US tour in the spring interrupted when Matt gets jumped in Oakland - band instead spends 5 days at a hospital for jaw surgery. The Word from Pluto released on Hello Sir Records. US tour happens in September.

2007 - Both Patrick and Nkls play last show with Ho-Ag at Great Scott in Boston on January 25, with a last minute basement free-for-all the night after at an Allston house. Things begin anew with Kristina and Ryan, hitting the road again for a US tour in April. New demos recorded.

2008 - Really happening.


The Meteor Is a Decoy (Demo, 2002)
People Coming Back In Time for Me (Self-Released, 2002)
Mister Records Comp 2003 (Mister Records, 2003)
Ho Ag Equals Go At (Mister Records, 2003)
Mister Records Comp 3.0 (Mister Records, 2005)
Ho-Ag/Laughing Light Split 7" (Mister Records, 2005)
Pray for the Worms (Hive 35, 2005)
The Word from Pluto (Hello Sir Records, 2006)
Elektra/Elektro EP (Hive 35, 2007)
Doctor Cowboy (Hello Sir Records, 2008)